Use Eigen’s NLP platform to answer critical questions on new pandemic clauses, collateral profiles, concentration limits, investor rights and trading rules.

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Eigen’s highly tailored NLP platform lets you quickly and precisely extract critical data points you need from CLO prospectuses.


Run through your back book of CLO prospectuses in a matter of hours

Immediately process new prospectuses as they are issued

Collateral profile

Concentration limits

Investor rights

Question Topics That Can Be Answered

Trading rules

Pandemic/COVID-specific clauses



faster than manual processing alone

Eigen’s platform addresses the unique questions CLO investors are asking in a volatile market environment.

Customize and enhance your analysis by training on your own questions and documents with the most flexible and accurate NLP platform for fixed income professionals.

Get up and running immediately with Eigen Cloud and the support of our Client Success team.


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In light of the COVID-19 updates and social distancing’s role in slowing the spread of the virus, all of our demos are currently being hosted in a remote and secure environment.



Fully understand your CLO documents during market dislocation

Other use cases

Eigen enables clients to focus their time on making faster, more informed decisions, instead of analyzing pages of documents.

Below are just a few of the use cases Eigen can help your business tackle.

Identify linked instruments and their fall-back and transition processes across a myriad of diverse contracts to mitigate your prudential risks.

Systematically verify that assets meet the portfolio-level criteria to qualify for Solvency II with minimal expert involvement.

Automatically identify governing law, cross default rights, and restrictions on the transfer of credit to ensure compliance.

Automatically verify terms to speed up negotiations and ensure finalized drafts reflect the individual terms prior to signing.

Reconcile data of back book across multiple systems and create a single source of truth for the entire loan life-cycle.

How Eigen works

Users upload a handful of prospectuses and label the relevant data fields for extraction. Eigen uses this information to build a machine learning model.

The model then analyzes all new prospectuses to retrieve the correct data points. The extracted data is exported or sent to other systems via APIs.

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